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Step 1:

As an AP art series, I decided to try and create a face out of multiple people's faces. I first went on google to pick out various celebrities. I decided to use Lily Collins for her eyes and eyebrows, then Jennifer Lawrence's head and shoulders as a base. I then used Margot Robbie's nose and Emily Ratajkowski's mouth to finish the face. 

Step 2:

I then roughly put the pieces together lining up the pieces proportionally. Seeing that the parts of the face came from 4 different people their skin tones did not match each other. All the photos were also taken in various places with various lighting sources and angles.

Step 3: 

To fix the problem of the skin tones and lighting not matching I saved the whole file as a JPEG and made it black and white. I started to shade the face and add the correct shadows and highlights with the new features on the face. 

Step 4:

To finish off the piece I made a layer mask and used the paintbrush on multiplier blending mode to recolor the face all one even tone. I turned the opacity down about halfway to keep the face looking realistic. I then saved the whole file as a JPEG and messed around with the saturation and levels to make the skin tone and shadows as most realistic as possible.  

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